Passion Projects

My explorations of what interests me the most in photography, which I also know to be magic.  The ability to stop time, and then to travel time as we look back on what we created, is a power that we have been given.  I choose to capture beauty, life, expression, vulnerability, strength, intimacy and skin.


Holding the Mirror Pt 1

Muse: Cynthia

The blanket of time envelops us in its warm cocoon, ushering us into a liminal space of existence.  We feel at home here, finding another who understands so deeply.  We see ourselves in each other's wild eyes.  Meeting Cynthia was a mutual manifestation, we both desired a creative collaborator who would balance our age, bringing together two different kinds of wisdom.  She is the most powerful woman I know, a deep performer, shaman, healer, dancer and muse.  

Shot on 35mm


Photographer: Sam Stenson

Subjects: Olivia North, Cynthia

An exploration of the possibility of timeless connection between humans and artists. A collaboration between three strong and independent female artists, creating together in a divinely safe and warm space. Learning through ancient and intuitive wisdom and finding ourselves reflective in each other’s souls.

Shot on 35mm

Pray for Sex

An exploration of my queer.  My muses for this project are all friends, collaborators, confidants, other queer women.  A safe space is created in our shared understanding that we are all divine sexual beings that should be given the freedom to express our sensuality.   

Shot on 35 and 120mm