My artistic focus is on women, freedom of expression, color, sensuality, fashion and movement.  My background in dance and modeling lends to my creative skills behind the lens, as I remain eternally interested in capturing the essence of a feeling.  Most of my editorials are shot on film and use available light.  Contact me to collaborate if you believe our artistic visions align.



Every job requires a different style.  I work with brands closely to re-create their specific image with my own gaze.  I take on each new client with a fresh mind and a creative outlook.  I am passionate about creating narratives and bringing stories alive.  Commercialization isn't just about selling product, its about connecting to your audience.  Contact me to discuss content creation.



Every human is unique, and I am fascinated by all kinds of people.  Portraits allow me to capture the essence of someone in that exact moment.  I would love to capture you or your special person for a unique gift or keepsake.  Contact me to book your session.